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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your First Solo Trip Abroad

When the idea of traveling solo sparks in your mind, it’s often accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions: excitement, apprehension, and a strong urge to explore. But how do you translate those feelings into a successful and memorable adventure?

Dive into this ultimate guide and make your first solo journey abroad truly remarkable.

Why Travel Solo?

So, what are the benefits of travelling alone?

Self-discovery: Venturing out alone allows you to connect with yourself. You set the pace, make the decisions, and get the chance to know your strengths and weaknesses. A solo trip is a great time for introspection, free from your daily distractions.

Flexibility: Without a group to cater to, you can easily change your plans, visit places you fancy, and indulge in spontaneous adventures. This sense of freedom will also help you discern your own travel style.

Choosing the right destination for your solo trip

Planning a solo trip is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. The destination you choose should align with both your interests and level of comfortability.

Safety First: Always check travel advisories for countries you’re considering. Certain destinations might be better suited for experienced travelers. A great way to begin checking out what’s going on in another area is by looking at the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisories. On this website, you will find a safety rating for each country on a scale of one to four.

Another way to learn about another country’s level of safety is by reading recent news articles and other similar sources. You can do this by making quick Google searches. 

Language Barriers: English-speaking countries or those with a high English proficiency can be easier for first-timers. However, don’t let language barriers stop you from exploring! If you’re feeling adventurous, download translation apps to help in non-English-speaking nations.

Cultural Nuance: Engage in destinations that intrigue you, but be aware of cultural norms and etiquettes. It is important to be mindful and respectful of the culture of others while appreciating it. As you travel, you may come across a variety of different cultures that you did not know of before!

Budgeting for your solo trip

As you plan your trip, planning your budget is a crucial aspect you shouldn’t put to the side.

Daily Budget: It is important to not go into travel blind. Estimate daily expenses, including accommodation, food, transport, and activities. This will help ensure you are most prepared for your solo trip.

Emergency Fund: Always keep some extra cash tucked away for unexpected events. You never know what may happen, and having extra cash will keep you from sweating in an emergency. 

Look for Deals: Scour the Internet for discounts and compare prices. Remember, deals aren’t just on accommodations and flights; many destinations offer discounted passes for attractions and public transportation.

Making essential bookings

Every amazing adventure should start with meticulous planning and preparation.

Accommodations: Solo travelers often vouch for hostels because of their affordability and social nature. Consider alternative options like Airbnb or boutique hotels for added privacy.

Flights: When flying with budget carriers like EasyJet, it’s important to be aware of their policies. The airline offers several advantages, such as lower fares and special offers, convenient seat selection, easy itinerary modifications, mobile boarding passes available directly from your smartphone, and faster check-in. In the event of unexpected setbacks like cancellations or delays, you might be eligible for EasyJet flight delay compensation under UK or EU261 law.

Local Transport: Research how you’ll move around once you land—whether it’s renting a car, relying on public transportation, or using taxis and ride-sharing apps.

Packing smart

As a solo traveler, what is in your backpack becomes more important than ever.

Essentials Only: Packing light ensures mobility. Stick to essentials and versatile clothing. You will learn that good preparation is the key to peace of mind. 

Safety Gear: Include a first-aid kit, personal alarm, and copies of your passport and travel insurance.

Embracing the Experience

One of the purest joys of solo travel is fully immersing yourself.

Meet New People: Engage with locals and fellow travellers. Attend local events or join group tours.

Document Your Trip: Whether through photos, a journal, or a blog, documenting can be therapeutic and a great way to relive memories.

Stay Open-Minded: Be open to trying new things, tasting unfamiliar dishes, and understanding diverse viewpoints.


Travelling solo can be a life-changing experience. As you embark on this unique journey, let your curiosity be the compass guiding you.

Remember, every challenge you face and every new friend you make adds a chapter to the grand story of your adventure.

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